Thursday, May 13, 2010

Belarus: Several Belrussians WERE Harmed in the Creation of this Post

Belarus – D-
Similar to Austria, Belarus did not have high hopes placed upon them. Their women created a solid 11 WC points, while Sergei Dolidovich, aided by Leanid Karneyenka, collected over 50 helping them to 19th on the Nations Cup. That alone would have been good enough for probably an A-. But the two clowns on the men’s squad were one wrong turn away from an A+. At the sprint relay at the Olympics, Dolidovich and Karneyenka were poised to win one of the semi-finals and step into the final looking great. Then Karyenenka goes into the lap lane instead of the finish lane, while holding a 5 second lead. Great job buddy, earn your team a DSQ and heartbreak. I also believe he was immediately sent to jail, and they do all sorts of weird things to you in jail in Belarus. Unmentionably nasty. Going the wrong way happens, but it shouldn’t at that level. Especially when they really haven’t done anything awesome all year, a trip to the A final at the Olympics would have brilliant. Instead, just Brutal.

Watch out for: The Belarussian fans holding dummies of Karneyenka with a noose. There’s a chance you’ll get mistaken for the goof and be lynched. No, but seriously, Dolidovich is pretty good, and will probably continue his rise next season.

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