Monday, May 24, 2010

The Best Beer in The World

While I am in no way a beer expert, professional, connoisseur or official aficionado, I do enjoy drinking it on occasion. Especially if that occasion is all the time.

But in the world of beers, there are loads of different kinds. Light beer, cheap beer, foreign beer, dark beer, wheat beer, beer made from fruit, French beer, hipster beer, summer beer, soccer beer, hockey beer, beer from hats, homemade beer, and micro brewery beer, just to name a few types. This can obviously get confusing, as the consumer does not really understand what kind of beer they should buy, and what the beer they do buy says about them. While the second part of that statement is for a whole different blog post, I will clear up the first part very quickly.

Best All Around Beer
Sleeman's Silver Creek

Why? Because it's awesome. It's Canadian-made in Guelph, it has a beaver and a leaf on the bottle, and it is without a doubt the best tasting beer on the face of the planet. If they charged $100 a 12-pack, I would still buy it, but instead it's a reasonable $23ish. Comes in a green case that screams classy, and while Sleeman's may be better known for being your Dad's beer, Silver Creek is good enough to drink while being mocked. Especially because you won't be mocked for long, if you feel like being generous and enlightening your Neanderthal Molson Canadian or Coors Light drinking friend by lending him a Creek.

Best Summer Beer

Yes, I know Corona already has a headlock on this market, but it is for a reason. Corona really is an "everyone" beer in the summer. If you like beer, you drink Corona because it tastes good. Of you don't, just stuff enough limes down it, and it won't taste like beer. At 4.6% its not a 'light' beer, but its refreshing, smooth, and unreal on a hot summer day on the deck. Or the beach. Or in your lawn chair in your kiddie pool on your front lawn without a shirt on. You get the idea.

Best Overall Value
James Ready 5.5

Some people think it tastes like ass. They could be correct. But at the lowest legal price for a beer on the market, and an extra .5%, it is a steal. If you just keep reminding yourself that you got a deal, and that you can now afford another month of power, so long as you don't turn on too many lights this month, it will taste great. Another bonus of JR 5.5 is that there is no notable taste difference whether consumed cold or warm - for those who are buying beer with their power shut off, this is in fact a considerable attraction. James Ready is ostensibly for the student beer drinker who considers price above all else, and really wants to drink beer for one reason, and that sure as hell isn't the taste.

Please enjoy irresponsibly. Nine out of 10 studies have proven that irresponsible beer consumption actually tastes 10 to 45 times better than its lamer, weaker-sauced brother, responsibility.


  1. Decent post. I agree with JR being the best overall value for a beer. Fantastic stuff. However, the best beer has to be Alexander Keiths, come on, they have pedophiles as their spokespeople. I would have let it go if it was Sleeman Cream Ale. That stuff is pretty effing decent. And Corona as an "everyone" beer? I am actually not a huge fan, I'd take a Kieths or any other upper class beer over that stuff on a hot sunny day out on the deck. I want my beer to taste like beer.

  2. Well written. I, unlike Mr Moxley, do agree with your choice of Sleeman as an amazing beer. I think in honour of this crown, you two should come up this summer and tour said brewery.

  3. I have literally no opinion on this matter but that does not make me any less of an active, engaged blog reader whatsover.