Monday, May 31, 2010

Anni- wait for it -versary

Today is my parents anniversary. Sorry, Mom and Dad, for stating the fact on my blog. Also, that last sentence sounds incredibly lame. But moving past that, it has led me to a few observations.

- This is their 30th wedding anniversary. Which means they have been married for longer than anything than I have done in my entire life. And at the rate I'm going, that probably won't change. Which kind of makes my life sound pathetic, but I'll get over it.

- When someone says on the phone that they have trees that are "6 or 7 feet tall", they actually mean like 10 or 12 feet.

- In a related story, two 10 or 12 foot trees don't fit in a Honda Odyssey very well. At least if you want to look out the windows.

- My parents are really low key. As has been previously stated, 30 years is a hell of a long time. Yet my Dad is getting my Mom some flowers, and the two of them can't even agree on which date is actually the day they got married.

- In a related note, this may mean they were blitzed for the entire wedding, which is awesome.

- Brad ran his 29th Ottawa Marathon yesterday. Unreal. Also unreal - how he wandered around, made dinner, drank a beer, and stayed up 'till 11 PM and went to work the next morning. Kieran? He went to ski practice, came home, napped, watched a bunch of episodes of How I Met Your Mother, ate dinner, and then went to bed again. Brad vs. Kieran Summer 2010 - Round 1 Brad.

Finally, today Almonte was covered in smoke from Quebec for most of the day. Dammit Quebec, even your forest fires are out to get Ontario. Come on guys, we just want to coexist peacefully side by side, respecting each others culture, tradition and language! (read: completely dominate and erase all of the previously mentioned things and replace with our own)


  1. Lots of action at the Jones estate today. A day in the life of Kieran vs. Brad is a feature I could really get behind on a regular basis.

    I just checked and it appears that Brad got beaten for Jones Supremacy by some young buck from Uxbridge. Named Alfred. So really, Brad wins since although the guy who beat him may be under-40 and run a sprightly 3:05, he's still named Alfred.

  2. I have been waiting all day for someone to bash Quebec about their smoke. Thanks.

    So this is Brad and Judy`s 30th anniversary, and Brad just competed in his 29th Ottawa Marathon. Makes you wonder what he was doing in 1980 version of the race?