Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Great News!

Ontario has announced that the liqour laws of the province will be changed for the period between June 11 and July 11th. What possessed them to do this? The rampant child-alcoholism rate? Too much summer dehydration and dying as a result of hot temperatures and beer consumption? No! Because the World Cup of Soccer begins on June 11. And for Canadians, most games are in the morning. So now, you can enjoy a pint, or a dozen, at 10 AM instead of 11 AM, as is now the law.
I, for one, am pissed. Since when do soccer players get exemptions?? World Cup races happen every weekend during the winter, and not only can I not watch them on legit TV in this country, but I have to do it sober. And people wonder why skiing isn't more popular in this country...


  1. unfortunately even tho I am legally allowed to partake in a delicious beverage at 10am, I doubt my employer would take to kindly on me doing so during the week.

  2. This seems like a random law change that actually only affects a tiny proportion of the population who might be degenerate alcoholics anyway. I can see why you're so excited about it.