Thursday, June 10, 2010

Liveblog 1

I really hate to disappoint you folks, but this wisdom teeth thing is huge freakin' bust. I am not tuned, I can walk in straight line, and while my keyboard skills are sub par, they are a lot worse after a dozen drinks.
Overall verdict - they need to hand out harder stuff if fun is what the order of the day is.

All that's happened so far is that my mouth bleeds, some dude in the recovery room next to me snored like stuffed-up gorilla, and i wanted to peace out right after I got out of the chair. There was no crying, hysterics, freaking out, or anything. I can't talk, but I could never do that anyway.
Stay tuned for a complete recap. I'm hoping for a relapse involving some leprechauns and a liger any minute now.


  1. Well that's disappointing, I wanted to hear of leprechauns flying on magic carpets or something.

  2. Yeah, I'm also feeling a bit cheated. Maybe instead you can go with your Mom to "take your kid to work day" or something.