Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Slovakia 1 - New Zealand 1

All Slovakia until the 92nd minute, it was going to be a wash. Injury time header goal by New Zealand gets the All-Whites their first points EVER in a World Cup Final. Unreal!


  1. I found out that NZ scored when I refreshed our fantasy league and all of a sudden WASN'T getting points. I've nailed three scores so far though, I'm feeling it.

    Ivory Coast is dominating Portugal right now but they just can't put anything together goal-wise...

  2. Also, Portugal might be the worst divers in the entire world. I think everybody on the team has been shot by a bazooka filled with razor blades and fire ants at least twice so far.

  3. New Zealand looked like they just won the whole thing when they scored in injury time. It was great. I'm picking them to go the distance now.
    It's true, Portugal does like to dive, but Ronaldo got a yellow for looking like he wanted to mix it up with a large black dude, so I'll give him a pass this time.