Friday, July 16, 2010

The Showdown: The Series

With The Showdown over, but receiving rave reviews all over the interweb, I have decided to expand it to a series. Each race which Kieran and Brad participate in this summer/ever will be recorded and tallied. The race reports will vary in quality, but the results will be announced, as will upcoming events. If you wish to organize a cameo appearence, please stay abreast of the happenings, and feel free to let me know when you're in town for a race.

Last Tuesday was the second Beaver Chase Road Race in Kanata attended by both Brad and Kieran. Brad had taken the W the first race by a mere handful of seconds, but was handicapped this time around by his duties as start line marshal, and Kieran’s new found confidence.
After yelling go and punching the start button on the clock, Brad got underway, which unfortunately for him meant Kieran had already staked a significant lead, and despite making a brutal error in assuming that legs which feel good after 1 km mean you are now Steve Prefontaine and can run with the leaders, Kieran was able to hold the lead and post a PB well ahead of Brad.
The Showdown: The Series – Kieran 2, Brad – 1.
Next up in The Showdown: The Series – The No Frills Ten-Miler, next Wednesday, where Brad tests his endurance against Kieran’s confusing new-found running ability. The line is Brad at 3:1 and Kieran at 5:1. The line for Kieran to write an entertaining (in his own opinion) blog piece - 1:1.

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