Thursday, May 27, 2010

I went on the internet this week and found this!

Check it out. The video will speak for itself in my opinion.


  1. Weirdly, I saw this video for the first time independently less than an hour ago. You're right on the cusp of the zeitgeist, young Jones, you just need to get over the hump.

    Can you tell I've had a productive day?

  2. One of the best music videos I have ever seen. I want to start an explosion right now and walk away.

    I also commented just to see someone else other than Neil and Kieran on the list of recent comments.

  3. I'd never seen the "on a boat" video they did until I found this one either, I think it's even better.

    Don't get too cocky, I will fight for my rightful place at the top of the recent comments list.

  4. Man, you are seriously out of the loop 'I'm On A Boat' is ancient in internet times. But it is also great, i will admit.