Friday, May 21, 2010

A slight problem...

After creating this blog, it has come to my attention that blogs are an interesting thing to manage. This blog was created for a few reasons, such as my interest in writing, the belief that I can occasionally write something entertaining, and my desperate need for attention. And it is this last one that creates the problem.

You take the time to write and post, so obviously you want someone to read. Advertising for a personal blog is a fickle thing. You feel like a bit of a tool telling people to go to your blog, especially if it has your name in the URL, but at the same time, if you just sit back and wait for people to come, they never will.
So you try other methods; posting as your website on Facebook, for example. People randomly tour by your Facebook page, either to drop a wall post, or for more nefarious purposes (check out pictures of you and Jon Montgomery from the Olympics, peruse your Graffiti wall for pictures of penguins riding giraffes, that sort of thing), and end up clicking on the link to your site. And now they feel like they have just taken creeping to a new level. They are on your personal blog, and while it says you can leave comments, they feel like paying that much attention when not told about something is creepy. And so they read, and then quietly leave.
But you're still sitting at your computer, randomly typing notes, adding pictures, and wondering whether anybody actually reads your blog, because you have posted a few things and have received few comments, if any.
So to sum up: if you go out and tell people about your blog, you feel like a tool. If you post it and people randomly stumble onto it, they feel like a tool.
End result: it's like two guys are alone in a basketball gym; the blogger has a blindfold on, and the reader isn't allowed to talk unless 5 other guys show up and start talking. The blogger walks around aimlessly until eventually he'll sit down, give up, and fall asleep.

For those who think this is me, you're wrong. Analytics is awesome

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  1. Google Analytics is outrageously entertaining. My commenting-on-every-post 1am visit is really going to screw up your averages, take that, suckah!

    My hope is that your blog can become an outlet for the desperate need talk trash that builds daily in my soul but has never found a spigot to replace the tour de force that was life at the barn.