Friday, May 21, 2010

Weekly Olympic Photoz

This week's photo is from a trip to the luge track. It was crazy, what with sleds going really fast, lots of people, and a general lack of understanding of the sport.

The important thing to note here is not the luger with the sick green sled, although she could be quite cool. Nope, its the huge be-otch hanging out in the background next to the dude with the camera. See her?

There she is again, skulking behind a Canadian luger this time, who is hamming it up for the crowd. The luger and every single other person is loving life right here; it's the Olympics, it's Vancouver, get caught up in the moment! There are luge fans who would cut off their left leg and feed it to their fish for the opportunity to stand this close to the luge track! But not this chick, no, no.

Here she is again! She is obviously taking her job of holding the cord for that guys camera really seriously. Someone must have done something absolutely awful to her cornflakes this morning to make her that pissed off. I would honestly like to meet this girl, and present her with an award for being officially the grouchiest person in Whistler. What a bitch!