Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tintin Racist!

I am listening to Q on CBC radio, and some guy from Brussels, Belgium (the birthplace of Tintin) is irate that the book 'Tintin in the Congo' is racist. I own the book. It's the very first Tintin book written, it is incredibly difficult to get a hold of, but it is without a doubt VERY racist.

But let's take a quick look at when it was written/published - 1930. 1930! That was before WWII, before every single country in the world refused to accept Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany, before desegregation in the US, you get the point. Sometimes old things are racist - let's just enjoy Tintin for what he is. A rad journalist with a sick dog named Snowy, and a drunk-ass friend who thinks he's a sailor. Captain Haddock, you are the man!

Finally, Aaron Barter and myself spent the better part of our childhood reading everything Tintin, and we haven't become raging racists - at least not yet.

Shit yeah!
How many Tintin characters can you name in this picture??

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  1. I can name 6 without looking them up, but dont recognize some of them. Others I just dont plain know their names