Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Here it Comes...

Sorry for the blog hiatus - i was not kidding about the 4 day training camp. I have returned to the land of internet and blogging, and am now ready to rock. And by that, I mean do some serious sleeping that doesn't involve a thermarest and a tent.
Brad tells me he went for a run today at lunch, but just a short one. That's his taper.
Unfortunately for him, I also tapered today, opting out of the Triathlon to instead drive my van around the course blasting music while my copilot took pictures. I then consumed several eats for lunch. As of press time, photo's were not available.
In the afternoon, I again saved the legs by mostly involving myself in the chin-up section of the post-lunch strength workout. If you're in Kanata watching the 10-km, I'll be the super-jacked guy crushing Brad around the 9.9 km mark. Watch for it.
In an interesting twist, my good friend and eternal Canada Road Race nemesis, Aaron I-can-run-fast-but-haven't-been-training-much-wink Barter has been found on the start list for tomorrow's grudge match. Will he shake up the Jones' boys party? Does he have the extra Brad-beating gear? Or will his supposed lower base and lack of Nakkertok training camp doom him to toiling away in obscurity after a hot first 5 km?
The answer to all those questions and many more you probably never wanted to ask, never thought to ask, and could not imagine in your wildest dreams will be provided in roughly 12 hours.
Make like a tree...

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  1. I bet my potato gun on Barter crossing the finish line before either of the Jones'.