Saturday, June 5, 2010


I just read that Jamie Sale and David Pelletier of Canadian Olympic figure-skating fame are getting divorced. The two won a gold medal together, and have skated together for most of their lives. And they have a kid. But the kicker here is that they still plan to skate together. Which will be the most awkward experience of their lives. I bet David conveniently 'forgets' to catch her in the first big throw.

David: "What was that honey? I can have the coffee maker AND the BMW?? Good decision!"


This is without a doubt my favourite picture in the entire world wide web. If you don't agree, I will fight you.


One of my pet peeves is tipping. Or rather, the idea that tipping is mandatory, and that bad tippers are inherently crappy people. When did the idea that you tipped for good service, and tipped well for exceptional service go off the rails?? Now we tip for just about everything.
What brought the idea about was a trip out for dinner. A couple of friends and I headed into Kanata and went out for dinner at a certain establishment. The food was okay, and the service, which started out fine, because there was no one else in the place, slowly deteriorated to the point where we saw our server once every hour. In the end, he gave us our bills, and we waited 20 minutes for him to come back and collect our money. Actually, to be more accurate, we waited 15 minutes, and then got the hell out of there, because if a server can't be bothered to come back and collect his money, then he's seriously shite.
But we all tipped. Not exceptionally, but there was a tip. I would call it poor to mediocre service, something which should result in ZERO tip, or a very small one. But there is this expectation that because the server has a shitty job, and the owner doesn't want to pay him/her well, the customer has to make up the slack. I guarantee you if we had walked out of there without tipping, the first though in Buddy's mind would be "those guys are assholes" not "wow, I really half-assed it out there tonight, I better pull my socks up for tomorrow night."
And which one of those two makes more sense?
It's just a job like any other job. You don't tip an airline counter attendant for sticking your baggage on the conveyor belt quickly. It's her job. You don't tip a cashier at the grocery store for scanning your groceries and packing them effectively. So seriously, what the hell is the deal? I'm not going to say I'm going to stop tipping, but in certain cases, it will be severely curtailed.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Awesomeness and a video

Not to brag or anything, but I am now a REALLY big deal, as opposed to just being a big deal. FasterSkier

Also, check out this video. If anyone can explain to me what is going on without the use of some very illegal drugs, I would love to hear it. I would embed it on my blog, but unfortunately Corey Hart really doesn't want anyone to see it.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Great News!

Ontario has announced that the liqour laws of the province will be changed for the period between June 11 and July 11th. What possessed them to do this? The rampant child-alcoholism rate? Too much summer dehydration and dying as a result of hot temperatures and beer consumption? No! Because the World Cup of Soccer begins on June 11. And for Canadians, most games are in the morning. So now, you can enjoy a pint, or a dozen, at 10 AM instead of 11 AM, as is now the law.
I, for one, am pissed. Since when do soccer players get exemptions?? World Cup races happen every weekend during the winter, and not only can I not watch them on legit TV in this country, but I have to do it sober. And people wonder why skiing isn't more popular in this country...

Crap Yeah!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen
It is ON!

Dasha Interview

Take a read. And then switch websites, and go back and read it again.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Anni- wait for it -versary

Today is my parents anniversary. Sorry, Mom and Dad, for stating the fact on my blog. Also, that last sentence sounds incredibly lame. But moving past that, it has led me to a few observations.

- This is their 30th wedding anniversary. Which means they have been married for longer than anything than I have done in my entire life. And at the rate I'm going, that probably won't change. Which kind of makes my life sound pathetic, but I'll get over it.

- When someone says on the phone that they have trees that are "6 or 7 feet tall", they actually mean like 10 or 12 feet.

- In a related story, two 10 or 12 foot trees don't fit in a Honda Odyssey very well. At least if you want to look out the windows.

- My parents are really low key. As has been previously stated, 30 years is a hell of a long time. Yet my Dad is getting my Mom some flowers, and the two of them can't even agree on which date is actually the day they got married.

- In a related note, this may mean they were blitzed for the entire wedding, which is awesome.

- Brad ran his 29th Ottawa Marathon yesterday. Unreal. Also unreal - how he wandered around, made dinner, drank a beer, and stayed up 'till 11 PM and went to work the next morning. Kieran? He went to ski practice, came home, napped, watched a bunch of episodes of How I Met Your Mother, ate dinner, and then went to bed again. Brad vs. Kieran Summer 2010 - Round 1 Brad.

Finally, today Almonte was covered in smoke from Quebec for most of the day. Dammit Quebec, even your forest fires are out to get Ontario. Come on guys, we just want to coexist peacefully side by side, respecting each others culture, tradition and language! (read: completely dominate and erase all of the previously mentioned things and replace with our own)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

I went on the internet this weekend and found this...

I honestly think this will be the best movie of the summer. Even with Will Ferrell, who everyone thinks is a ponce, it will be epic. Or legendary. Whichever you prefer.

If you do not think this movie will have least one funny scene, I will fight you.